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Deems Kitchens & Counters understands that kitchen countertop options are important to you, and we know that you countertops should complement your cabinetry perfectly.

Therefore, we offer a large variety of choices, whether you are looking for Quartz, Granite or other popular kitchen countertop materials, we have them for you to choose from. Stop in to the Deem’s Showroom and let us help you make the right choice for your new kitchen or bath countertop.

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Cambria Countertops

Cambria Quartz

Cambria Quartz purchases a unique quartz mine that is sustainable for hundreds of years and yields some of the highest-quality quartz found on Earth. Investing in this source is a testament to Cambria’s unwavering commitment to providing only the finest natural stone surfaces.


Pompeii Quartz Countertops

Pompeii Quartz

Pompeii Quartz is manufactured using the world renowned Breton Stone technology (Breton SPA of Italy). The quality of engineered stone will vary from batch to batch depending on the quality of resin and raw materials used in the manufacture of the stone. Pompeii Quartz has been manufactured using the quality raw materials as specified and recommended by Breton SPA of Italy.


Granite Slab

On-Site Granite

Cut and fabricated in our own 20,000 square foot plant, our Granite is quarried from dozens of countries around the world. One of the most popular natural stones on the market, it is available in an array for colors and its durability and longevity make it ideal for heavily used surfaces.

Because of its exceptional strength, granite is also well suited for exterior applications. Granite is a natural stone; therefore, patterns and colors vary from slab to slab, even within a single slab. These natural variations ensure a uniqueness not found in other natural stones.

Visit our slab yard to pick out the Granite for your Dream kitchen, or order from our varied selection of slabs from all over the world.


Steel Gray Granite Surface

Off-Site Granite

Please feel free to browse additional granite materials which are available to you that are not consistently stored at our facilities. The supply partners linked below will have real-time images of materials on hand at their facility for you to browse through. If by chance you find a color you desire just record the supplier, color name, and possibly the lot number and consult a Deems representative for pricing.

Wilsonart Countertops

Wilsonart Laminate

For more than 60 years, Wilsonart Laminate has been driven by providing beautiful, on trend and high performance, engineered Laminate for whatever you need to cover. Wilsonart Laminate is dedicated to getting customers what they want.


Butcher Block Kitchen Countertop

Butcher Block Tops

Nothing adds warmth to a kitchen design like an elegantly-finished solid hardwood countertop. Wood had been the preferred material in distinctive European kitchens for over half a century. We recognized the outstanding benefits of this durable and sustainable resource, with its blend of beauty, utility, and natural harmony. With several wood choices and finish options, we are sure a butcher block countertop will compliment your kitchen. Come in today for more information!

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